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The Frederick Hot Glass Society was established in 1997 for the purpose of bringing together individuals who are interested in sharing knowledge, experience, and the love of all things glass – warm, hot, or cold.  Our membership includes artists who enjoy fusing glass in a kiln, melting glass in a torch, or stained glass.  FHGS members also have other artistic interests such as silver smithing, painting, knitting, bead weaving,  metalworking, photography, teaching glass techniques, and writing tutorials.

The Frederick Hot Glass Society meets once a month on every second Monday of the month.  Each month the members enjoy show-n-tell and projects which span many various aspects of working with glass and other creative interests. 

Members have been published in various magazines (The Flow, Bead and Button, Beadwork) as well as in many bead related publications (1000 Beads, Cindy Jenkins’ Beads of Glass, International Society of Glass Bead Maker (ISGB) Glass Bead Magazine to name a few).  Additionally, many of our members exhibit their work in local and regional galleries, shows, and shops.

Our projects and photographs, meeting dates and times, as well as upcoming project information can be found on this website, our Facebook page, and Yahoo Groups (search for Frederick Hot Glass Society).

If you are interested in joining The Frederick Hot Glass Society, please send an email to
[email protected] or just stop by for a meeting.  Our yearly dues is $20.00. 

Come join us for demos, classes, friendship, and fun with glass!